5 Things To Do After Getting Engaged

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5 Things To Do After Getting Engaged

January 29, 2019 Event Services 0

Just got engaged? Well, congratulations! Getting engaged is the first step a couple takes towards marriage. The first thing you need to do right after getting engaged is to forget everything and everyone else and just savor this moment with your partner. This moment and feeling can never be replicated, so enjoy it while it lasts. Once you’ve gotten past this phase, think about the people you want to share this news with, instead of just going ahead on Instagram and posting the news. Your parents and close friends would be the next people who would want to hear this news, so make sure that you don’t rob them of that.

Here are some crucial things you need to do afterwards

1. Get your ring size fixedThere’s like a 70% chance that your partner got a ring that’s big for your fingers. So, you need to take it back to the shop and get it fixed right away instead of dragging it. By delaying this you risk losing the ring as there’s a high possibility of it slipping from the finger.

2. Start deciding on your wedding partyThis point actually depends on you, do you want an engagement party? If you do, then it’s better to pick out the wedding party so that they can help you throw a good engagement party.

3. Pick out a suitable wedding dateIt’s important to consider the gap between the wedding and the engagement, a wedding that’s planned too early can be very stressful as you have to decide on things like food, pro jazz band, theme, flowers and venue in a short period of time. A wedding that’s too far can make you feel like you have more time and you would lose the excitement of getting married. However, ultimately, it’s your choice you can get married on whatever day you want to.

4. CompromiseYou should take your partner’s opinions and interests into consideration when planning out the wedding. If you have disagreements, then you both should compromise and come to a conclusion. For example, if you’ve been making all the decisions throughout and your partner wants a jazz wedding bands in Sydney then allow them to have it instead of making this day only about yourself.

5. Avoid making hasty decisionsJust because you are engaged, it doesn’t mean that you should start booking the venue and buying the wedding clothes right away. Take it slow, it would be better to make this decision a few months prior to the wedding instead.